Richter Akustik and Design

Modern architecture and design is increasingly utilizing more materials such as glass, steel and stone to meet the demand for open offices and meeting facilities. These hard surfaces reflect sound and contribute to an increase in noise levels and a decrease in productive environments.

Sophisticated Solutions

ACOUSTIC LIGHTBOARD® counteracts  the unpleasant effects of unwanted noise by absorbing and balancing the amount of sound wave movement.   The clean elegant finish lends itself to any professional environment, and as it’s name implies its light weight allows for ease of installation in suspended applications. 

Genuine stone veneer with rough-split haptics

Differences in color and structure of the rough-split surface are not accidental. This natural STONE VENEER is made from materials millions of years old and uniquely charming, but without the installation limitations of  stone block or tile. 

No imitation can achieve this. 

Slat system with tongue and groove edges for fast and easy installation

ACOUSTIC COMPACTLINE® of Richter Akustik & Design has been developed for simple and fast interior construction. The special tongue-groove-system at the edges of the slats and accessory parts like wall corners guarantee an easy installation and offer numerous design possibilities for commercial, residential and retail applications.

Real concrete for attractive, sophisticated and unique interiors

When the 2mm thick LIGHTBETON® is applied to various panels such as plywood, MDF or partical board,  the possibilities are unlimited for architechural and design applications, trade shows, retail stores, retail fixtures and cabinets.  


How Richter Akustik and Design panels are being used: