Tavapan Perforated Panels, Planks and Tiles


Tavapan Acoustic Wood Panels provide a premium natural finish for ceilings and walls. The system’s simple ceiling installation allows use of 15/16” HD grid, allowing unlimited access to the ceiling above and can be installed either as lay in or vector shadow style.  Wall panels can be installed on wood or steel furring.  All panels include a black acoustic liner applied to the back.






Timeless Design and Excellent absorption characterize CREAWOOD Panels.  Three layers of transverse and longitudinal slits create a perforation pattern of small rectangles.  With the tongue and groove system the panels can be joined together seamlessly, creating a light looking and effective acoustic design for your walls and ceilings.  







TAVAPERF panels are precision manufactured in a wide range of standard sizes or custom made to your specs.

Several Standard Perforation Profiles are available to meet the NRC rating required.  Customized Perforation Patterns are also available, from micro-perforations to slots for effectively controlling sound requirements.








The DEWETON style is a definitive classic utilizing a keyhole channel detail that is a proven both acoustically functional and visually appealing.




How Tavapan wood planks & panels are used:

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