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Strands of wood are used to create a wood wool acoustic tile that is attractive and very effective

Wood wool, remains one of the leading acoustical-panels in the “eco” category as a high-performing, and cost-effective, sound absorber that manages echo and reverberation

Wood wool panels are comprised of simple basic ingredients ~wood wool, cement and water: 


Wood wool has been around a long time under a variety of names.  Sometimes also called spaghetti board, because its appearance up close looks a bit like pasta, it is produced in a very simple environmentally sustainable and remarkably progressive process.   What’s old is still new.  There are many manufacturers world wide, with some recognizable brand names, and others less familiar but what they have in common are the same standards of production.  Ecologically speaking, wood wool is simple to produce, comprised of three fundamental ingredients, wood fiber (also known as excelsior), water and cement.  As a direct result of this simplicity, wood wool products are able to exceed international VOC emissions standards because they contain no harmful chemicals or binding agents. They are naturally highly resistant to microbial and fungal growth, which makes them an excellent choice for a wide variety of spaces and applications. In addition,  they are Class A fire rated and can achieve NRC test results from 0.45 to 0.9.   You can choose products that are FSC certified, to ensure responsible forestry practices at the source or those that have been tested to meet the governing standards that your design application demands.  

To be efficient as an acoustic surface, materials needs to have an open structure. Wood wool acoustic panels are created of FSC wood fibre which perfectly absorb and diffuse sound energy. Wood wool acoustic boards does not reflect the sounds, and by placing these panels on walls and ceilings you will immediately have less reverberation and annoying echoes in the room:


Wood wool is eye catching in an open corridor

By combining and compressing FSC wood, cement and water, the resulting wood wool panels yield a multitude of functional solutions, including moisture regulation, heat accumulation, sound absorption and low emissions: 



You can use different shape combinations to form unique patterns that tells your own Wood wool story. With a range of beautiful colours available, it’s easy to create a fresh yet rustic feel. The panels are available in a high number of combinations that vary according to surface structure, edge, installation system, colour, dimension and thickness:


The agility with which one can customize with color, texture, size, and edge details provide  enormous flexibility while never stepping outside standard offerings of this “earth friendly” product.  

Due to their natural properties, Wood wool panels compliment the range of other environmentally friendly products that we have in our collection, such as our other acoustic wood and fabric panels and our range of recycled PET products: 


Below is a great example of a wood wool ceiling detail, that clearly demonstrates how incredibly effective and adaptable the wood wool can be, and the limitations, really only dependent on the imagination of the designer:

Standard wood wool panels are a good choice for projects with short lead times. They require little or no surface preparation and can be installed with ease directly onto substrates. They can be applied using grommets to allow for easy removal in future, so that the panels can be relocated to another location or simply reconfigured for a new look: 



KEY TAKEAWAYS:  This is still a great product for progressive designs and fits well with the key objectives of a responsible world and environmentally aware design.

• Wood wool panels are produced with even thicknesses, consistent dimensions, and clean edges so they can produce seamless installations, or they can be beveled to create geometric and or textured patterns. This economical product not only brings new vitality to the decor with endless design variety and visual potential, it is available in almost every desired shape, contour and colour.

• There are virtually no limits to the designer’s creativity while delivering improved room acoustics through stylish wall and ceiling surfaces with a unique character. There are many creative products on the market, but few offer such flexibility in design while still delivering durable, heat, moisture, and impact resistant solutions on budget.

• Organic wood wool panels are a suitable, conscious and sustainable solution for many types of public or open high traffic spaces, including offices, meeting rooms, sports halls, schools and other noisy spaces. Use your imagination to create elegant details that improve acoustics, comfort and well-being of room users.

• Think of wood wool as a sensational product that checks off all the requirements for today’s demanding designs. An architectural acoustic solution that is eco-friendly, sustainable, recyclable, fire proof and sound absorbent, ready to work for you in any setting.

• Despite its simplicity, wood wool panels are available in a wide range of both natural tone, strand sizes, and colours as standard, with an almost unlimited choice of shapes, sizes and patterns that allow you to achieve a contemporary, natural, or rustic feel that compliments the space you are creating.

• Wood wool panels are made of recycled natural wood fibres from FSC certified wood product suppliers. They are extremely durable making them ideal for areas that require a high impact acoustic solution. They can be customized in shape, color and form.

• Wood wool panels are suitable for walls or ceiling applications and have historically been the go to choice where impact is likely or common, such as gymnasiums or sporting facilities.

• The hard wearing tough colorful and shapely designs make them a perfect fit for use in areas where reverberant noise is an issue and where design flexibility is also required.

• The wood wool ceiling and wall panels have an open material structure that reduces noise through absorption. Sound does not bounce off of or reflect on the surface.

• Wood wool dampens noise, absorbs impact noise, contributing to restful acoustics within leisure, industrial, commercial, and other public spaces, but can also be an excellent choice for home offices, and multifamily residences.

• Wood wool combines outstanding fire resistance with superior acoustic and excellent thermal performance, in a durable eco-friendly product.

Wood Wool remains an all-in-one, no-compromise solution, perfect for fast, easy and effective acoustic installations.  Worthy of reconsideration either stand alone, or paired with other products.

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