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eKōR Acoustic Panels and Products

Acoustic Panels

eKōR Acoustic Panels are sound absorbing panels developed with environmental friendliness in mind.

eKōR offers additional benefits compared to traditional acoustic board material.  While they can be installed as a flat panel against a wall, they have some wow power for design, as they are easily carved and sculpted.

These include: high tack-ability, design flexibility, wide range of colors, and resiliency, as well as being free of allergens, toxins, irritants, binding agents and formaldehyde.

Acoustic Tiles

 eKōR Cubics are sound absorbing geometric and abstract panels and tiles that can be installed easily to create texture, dimension, pattern or detail.

 Ultralight, and manageable they can be assembled in countless configurations and colors.  These quick change artists, can be installed over any drywall surface or over additional insulation to provide maximum design flexibility and acoustic performance.  

As part of the eKōR family of products, Cubics are eco-sensitive free of allergens, toxins, irritants, binding agents and formaldehyde.

Acoustic Screens

eKōR SpeKtrum Screens provide an easy way to partition spaces within an office or a room, or provide acoustic or privacy elements within the subtle face of decor.   They can be customized to your own color and design, or selected from one of our standard options, suspended from the ceiling, window track or mounted on a wall, or glass.  Freestanding hardware options are also available. 

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Acoustic Felt PET Products

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eKōR acoustic felt materials come in a full array of shapes, sizes, thicknesses, colors and applications.  They keep design diverse, playful, on trend while delivering a high performing acoustic value. 

How WALLWORKS eKōR Acoustic Products are used:

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