Blinds and Drapery

Blinds & Drapery

Solar Shades, Stage Systems, Acoustic Curtains, Cubicle Curtains and Draperies

WALLWORKS is a trusted provider of high grade solar shades - motorized & manual vertical blinds, venetian blinds, draperies, curtains, and projection screens. The range of selection is virtually unlimited - from the simple to the sublime including residential, commercial, and institutional - from manually operated vertical blinds, cubical/privacy curtains and track, to the most complex, motor-assist stage curtain systems. So, our High grade Solar shades will let your walls to decor and make them more attractive.


Acoustic Curtains and Sheers for Noise Control  

Acoustic Curtains reduce reverberation and echo, by absorbing sound within a room, as well as reduce interference from outside noise. We can also make combination sound blocking and sound absorbing curtains! Acoustic Curtains are designed for both residential and commercial use. Click the button below to learn more.


Motor Assisted and Manual Commercial Grade Stage Curtains 

Wallworks is aligned with manufacturers of innovative and high quality materials to ensure that our clients needs are perfectly paired with the proper product, at the most competitive price. Explore both fully customized and standard manufacturing specifications.

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