Procédés Chénel

Procédés Chénel International

Clever display and architectural decor products... Available in Canada through Wallworks

Sophistication and Creativity

Procédés Chénel International are Manufacturers of light and attractive solutions for event and interior architectural designers.  Product ranges from Banners, ceilings, partition walls, lighting systems, to furniture. 

Each light and clever product is made from paper-like materials, kraft, tracing paper, or honeycomb and all of them are anti-static, fire rated and capable of remarkable longevity. 
Simple or complex, these are printable, portable, sustainable. Wallworks is here to serve you, providing these innovative products for event display and interior architectural decor direct to you, from France.   Connect with one of our product specialists today.

How Procédés Chénel International products are being used:

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