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Fabri-Lok® Tensioned Fabric System panels are site built to your specifications.
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Complete contemporary complex acoustics surfacing
Wallworks delivers 40 years of acoustic solutions and expertise. Public and private facility applications from Boutique Studios and Lavish Restaurants to Universities, Museums, Healthcare, Schools. We consult with engineers, acousticians, designers, architects and dreamers to source and integrate the best materials and systems to achieve ultimate acoustic experience of any space.
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Dream it… it has to start somewhere. Our specialists will help design, resource, develop and create inspiring new concepts. Our portfolio of innovative, sustainable materials from around the world help support the visionary minds that build our tomorrows.
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Wallworks team of seasoned experts partner to solve issues not apparent at concept. Acoustic solutions can be cleverly disguised by sophisticated, dynamic or playful architectural finishes. Via testing and understanding the environment/space and its intended performance, we optimize the search and bring your best options to the table. Providing and integrating effective, equivalent, alternate products when availability issues arise, we value engineer for your design to meet its target budget.
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Wallworks’ qualified installers bring the concept to life and their experience allows for fine tuning any installation details to yield a pristine, impeccable finish on every project. Our concept to construction project focus maximizes budget and ensures success!
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We rely on our commitment to your project experience and success. What is best for you is what we support, enabling our experience to benefit you, which works for us. Your absolute success and satisfaction IS our competitive edge!
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A Full service Company

over 40 years of experience specializing in all types of wall and ceiling finishes.  Expert knowledge in architectural / industrial noise control.
Dynamic and complete acoustic solutions for residential, 
commercial and industrial applications.

International Presence

Wallworks head office is Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada 
With Regional Offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal with affiliates in USA, UK, UAE and Asia.




to the client’s needs, the Marketplace, Design trends and  the  Global Environment. 
From selection of the most appropriate product, through the creation of project-specific drawings, manufacturing, and final installation, that will ensure complete client satisfaction.


Where a unique condition exists, we can call upon acoustical analysts, design and engineering specialists to create the perfect solution to meet all of the client’s requirements. 
Form, Design and Function



Cubicle Curtains,Hardware and Track ... Did you know that Wallworks offers a comprehensive range of fabrics and hardware on trend with todays standards and design expectations? For decades we have been a trusted manufacturer and supplier of custom solutions for public and private health care clinics. Talk to one of our in house experts today. #cubiclecurtains #endlesssolutions #contemporarydesign #healthcaredesign #architecturaldesign #detailsindesign ... See MoreSee Less
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Jim Pattison Saskatoon Children's Hospital... this project completed in 2019. FabriLok acoustic stretch wall system allows for this type of creative, colorful and playful custom design. Wallworks, proud to be a part of these important places 🥰 #fabrilok #healthydesign #WhereToFindUs #endlessacousticsolutions ... See MoreSee Less
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Sound Style Sound Solutions...eKōR more #SoundStyle #sounddesign #Soundspace #soundsurfaces #ekormore #WallWow #wallworks #endlessacousticsolutions ... See MoreSee Less
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Fabri-Lok® by Wallworks contributes to a sounder environment, and our site installed system can be flawlessly adapted to any sort of surface, creating acoustically decorative walls and ceilings in virtually any look desired. What is the range of choice? How many fabrics are there in the world to choose from? #endlessacousticsolutions #explorefabrilok #WallWowThere's so much more, ‍💡 ✨ ... See MoreSee Less
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Classroom noise has a significant impact on learning, but it is a natural part of what happens when children laugh and play and learn. There are ways we can provide solutions that create a more stimulating aesthetic environment and at the same manages acoustic challenges caused when sounds bounce off of hard surfaces and flow in and through walls and ceilings. We can help. Talk to a Wallworks Acoustic Specialist today for some recommendations for your space. We know exactly what to do in a school zone. 😃 🚸#acousticsforeducation #acousticsolutions #AcademicDesign ... See MoreSee Less
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Architectural Features. Acoustic Function. Absolutely Fantastic.#architecturalsurfaces #acousticsolutions #WallWow #wallworks ... See MoreSee Less
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Wallworks, Sound Solutions Stay Calm and eKōR M❤️Re#sophisticateddesign #soundsolutions #spectacularview ... See MoreSee Less
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Wallworks Fabri-Lok® can offer a wide range of bleach cleanable fabrics for acoustic walls and panels. Surprise your senses... #sounddesign #thinkfabric #WallWow #brightideas #keepitclean ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Wallworks Acoustic Architectural Products Inc.
ATB Leisure Ctr Lethbridge Alberta. Featured art works by a Canadian artist, cleverly camouflage the two story acoustic panels that line the great hallways of this magnificent facility. ... See MoreSee Less
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Sound Absorption and Sound Proofing materials are not the same. Sound proofing materials tend to be dense, and quite heavy. Sound absorption materials by contrast tend to be light, soft, and porous or fluffy. Wallworks#sounddesign #soundsolutions #soundadvice #soundsimple ... See MoreSee Less
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