Bold is Beautiful!

This can certainly apply to your acoustical material choices and the way that they are integrated too! Be creative with innovative choices and you will be rewarded with an attractive finished project. Here are just a few ways you can go bold for your design:

Modular Wall flexible adhesive panels are applied here to free standing partitions to create decorative architecture and acoustic separation to redefine an open concept area. They are playful, colorful and acoustically effective.

Stax acoustical panels provide a somewhat irregular surface that fits together tile to tile, to create interesting texture while blanketing hard surfaces that become beautiful to see and offer immediate acoustic absorption.
Easy to install and available in a wide range of colors.

Screens are a perfect "new again" solution that can be easily integrated into both public and private areas. These create the illusion of separation, or privacy, while also providing an acoustic softening where there is a predominance of smooth hard surface areas, such as tile and glass.

Look what a colorful transformation can occur with such an easy addition! There are many different types, materials and colors that can be used for this purpose, and all can provide sophisticated results.

Here, the use of geometric eKōR tiles complete the walls of these meeting booths and corridors at a downtown office building. They compliment the contemporary flair of the light fixtures, integrate color, while diminishing the amount of reflective sound from conversations inside in each booth. The intention is to reduce the chattering noise, not completely soundproof the space. Some sound is considered ambient.

Perforated Metal acoustical panels are the ideal choice to use in applications requiring high performance, abuse-resistant acoustic panels that favour a clean finish.

In short, there are many, and varied ways to go bold in your design and the results can be extremely rewarding.

If you want materials with visual impact and are seeking a specific finish or mood, begin there, and then consult with a Wallworks product expert to open the full range of options. The range and choices are endless.

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