Acoustic Specialties and Solutions

WALLWORKS has over 40 years of experience specializing in a full range of architectural and industrial acoustic solutions.  We are continually refining our product lines and developing new products to give our clients the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable solutions possible.


AcoustiBlok® is used as a sound isolation material. It is typically installed before walls, ceilings and floors have been completed, thereby enhancing the Transmission Loss (TL) of these standard assemblies.


Utilizing aerogel insulation technology developed by NASA – the highest insulating material in existence – Thermablok® is a highly efficient, aerogel-based insulating material that breaks conductive “thermal bridging” and can increase the overall wall R-value of a wall by more than 32 percent, regardless of cavity insulation.

IAC Acoustics

IAC Acoustics — a division of Sound Seal, Inc. — designs and manufactures a broad range of high performing noise control products and custom engineered systems. IAC provides solutions for the most common to the most unusual and complex industrial, commercial and architectural noise control problems.

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