We are an industry leader in noise management and acoustic control solutions.
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Wallworks is a purveyor of complete, unique, contemporary and complex acoustics and architectural products from around the world
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Our specialty is exceeding expectations... and delivering sound results
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We offer an extensive portfolio of Creative Decor Accents and Infinite Possibilities.
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The natural beauty of wood for architectural acoustics, is available in a wide variety of engineered systems, species and styles.
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Custom is Standard with Fabri-Lok® Tensioned Fabric System panels, as they are site built to your specifications.
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Curves, slopes, irregular walls and ceilings....let us help you select just the right product for your project. If we don't have it, we will help you find it!
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Providing solutions, where you expect us, and where you don't
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The architecture of sound is as creative as you are. Our expansive portfolio provides endless opportunities for customization to meet your project's specific requirements.
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Spectacular Acoustic Architecture, Seen and Not Heard.
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Noise Control

Wallworks Acoustic and Architectural Products

Industry Leader


A Full Service Company

Over 40 Years Of Experience Specializing In All Types Of Wall And Ceiling Finishes.  Expert Knowledge In Architectural / Industrial Noise Control.
Dynamic And Complete Acoustic Solutions For Residential, 
Commercial And Industrial Applications.

International Presence

Wallworks Head Office Is Located In Calgary, Alberta, Canada 
With Regional Offices In Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto And Montreal With Affiliates In USA, UK, UAE And Asia.


To The Client’s Needs, The Marketplace, Design Trends And The Global Environment. 
From Selection Of The Most Appropriate Product, Through The Creation Of Project-Specific Drawings, Manufacturing, And Final Installation, That Will Ensure Complete Client Satisfaction.


Where A Unique Condition Exists, We Can Call Upon Acoustical Analysts, Design And Engineering Specialists To Create The Perfect Solution To Meet All Of The Client's Requirements. 
Form, Design And Function
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Acoustic eKoR Panels are a contemporary acoustic addition
Acoustic materials for the Workplace
Editorial Team

How to improve acoustics in the workplace

Unsolicited noise is not only annoying but it can also distract your employees and even result in serious health problems. Fortunately, with the addition of acoustic materials you can integrate as the use of the space evolves and changes with your business model and the current trends, there are ways to mitigate the overarching issues, for almost any setting. By using complimentary acoustic sound panels and products, you can greatly improve the quality of life in your workspace, the productivity and the customer experiences in ways that you may not have imagined possible.

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